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Staircase Design

Stairs for office and administration buildings

With great passion, the experts at MetallArt design and manufacture spectacular staircases for office buildings that amaze visitors.

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Staircase design for offices

The sector “office and administration buildings” covers an enormous spectrum including co-working spaces for freelancers with an open space concept, functional offices of SMEs, often directly connected to further departments such as the production, up to large headquarters of a well-known company. The internal access to offices is increasingly realised not only by elevators but also by impressive staircases. Therefore, it is no question that particular attention should be paid to the design of the stairs. As a specialist for steel stairs, we know how to develop individual solutions for you. To facilitate this task we have united our entire engineering workforce under one roof. Convince yourself of our skills and ask for a quotation today!

Stairs with glass railings

Office and administration buildings are among the most representative buildings of the last decades and almost every well-known planner has already designed such a building in his professional career. In modern architecture, this type of building is increasingly characterised by a generous and open style. Especially glass railings on a staircase support this trend, as they are timeless and transparent at the same time.

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Interior stairs for office and administration buildings
Office staircase

The examples described in this category illustrate the diversity of modern stairs in office and administrative buildings. The reference projects include a wide range such as the elegant steel stringer staircase over four floors in the new administration building of Vector Informatik GmbH in Stuttgart Weilimdorf, the staircase with round glass railings in the Funky office building in Munich or the staircase with box-type stringers and metal railings in the foyer of LBBW in Göppingen. It is obvious that for stairs in public buildings, such as a bank, particular regulations must be met. They are stated by DIN 18065. Among other things, the standard gives specifications concerning the rise-to-run ratio, the stair foot as well as the width of the stairs in public buildings.

Especially stairs in office and administration buildings reflect the current trends in modern staircase architecture, which influence the type of construction of the stairs on the one hand and the choice of materials on the other hand. An absolutely stylish architectural trend in this sector are sculptural staircases with parapet-high stringers and a structurally supporting steel soffit lining. These features lend a dominant character to the construction and provide for an appealing look especially in spacious office buildings. Constructing stairs in offices requires the skills to perfectly stage the layout, design, and materials of the staircase. As far as the available space allows it, modern stairs should fit into the architecture of the building like a piece of furniture or a sculpture. Stairs from MetallArt are the most convincing solution to connect different levels in a creative way.