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Modern Stairs

Staircases in research and educational institutions

Steel stairs from MetallArt give research and educational institutions a distinctive character due to their outstanding position.

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Library staircase

Libraries more and more invite people to stay and relax. As they are places of public life, the architecture increasingly gains in importance. Due to the extensive media offer, which often extends over several floors, access elements are required that can cope with the high volume of visitors. Steel is ideal for a library staircase to guide the streams of visitors to the individual levels. Due to its malleability and load-bearing capacity, the material offers many possibilities for an individual design. Combined with wood, glass, stone or stainless steel, impressive interior spaces can be created and there are no limits to the wishes of the creators.

Stairs in schools

Stairs in schools are very often made of concrete to meet the fire protection requirements for public buildings. However, steel may also be used if the staircase is professionally clad or provided with a fire protection coating. In contrast to concrete, steel offers an almost inexhaustible variety of options due to its malleability. Check it out yourself!

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Staircase in modern design
Railing made of glass

A staircase system from MetallArt sets standards with aesthetic qualities as well as with the constructive details, be it a kindergarten staircase or the staircase in a library. Apart from different options for the shape of the stairs, there are also different variations of railings available for selection: MetallArt offers railings with posts made of powder-coated aluminium, steel or stainless steel, railings made of glass or parapet-high stringers for higher demands. These solutions are more modern than wooden railings, for instance. Last but not least, you can choose between wood or stainless steel for the handrail of the interior stairs.

One thing is certain: The art of stairbuilding requires a high level of skills and knowledge, especially because stairs have become a decisive design element in modern architecture – specifically in research and educational institutions. In addition to the choice of different materials, constructions with a structurally supporting steel soffit lining or unusual stair foot landings are convincingly staged. A truly outstanding example is the Heilbronn research centre EMBL, which creates an exciting building structure with its ramp construction shaped as DNA and meets the fire protection requirements for public buildings by using a fire protection coating.