Service phase 1: basic evaluation
Icon Machbarkeitsanalyse

Feasibility analysis: Not every design can be realised. We support you, however, in implementing your concept in the best possible way. The first plans of the building already provide essential information on whether and how a staircase can be constructed. In the context of the feasibility analysis, we check your ideas for their viability.

Feasibility analysis
Icon Ermittlung von Kostentreibern

Identifying cost drivers: Due to the increasing number of contributing factors, construction projects have become more and more complex in recent years. Quite often, both deadlines and costs cannot be met. In order to ensure the most reliable construction process possible, we are dedicated to identifying relevant cost drivers from the very beginning. With our know-how, we show you concrete methods to realise your staircase with greater economic efficiency.

Identifying cost drivers
Icon Kostenprognose

Cost estimation: In service phase 1, we prepare an initial cost forecast for you, which is based on our experience. According to existing specifications, such as the number of floors or the running width, we are able to make calculations as realistically as possible. If available, other information on the time schedule, access to the building, etc. is considered in the preparation of the estimate.

Cost estimation
Service phase 2: Pre-planning
Icon BIM

BIM data: To link and consequently optimise the procedures in complex construction projects, the BIM method is very often in use. In order for you to succeed in planning even more efficiently, our experts in the technical service will prepare a proper data model of the staircase for you. Feel free to send us the required specifications and benefit from more transparency and security!

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Icon Prinzip-/Plandetails

Principle/plan details: Competent preliminary planning is a highly demanding process requiring a great deal of time and care. Our principle details show the relevant sections of typical staircase constructions that need to be considered and can thus be of assistance in developing individual solutions. On request, we will of course also provide you with plan details customised to the respective building project.

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Icon Planungsunterstützung

Planning support: As a staircase specialist with a deep understanding of your quality standards and visions, we offer full service to planners and architects: From 3D construction drawings and detailed planning up to complete execution planning, we provide flexible support depending on your needs. The conceptual planning, construction and technical elaboration result in more security and at the same time ensures that deadlines can be met.

Planning support
Icon Terminplanung

Scheduling and economic calculation: We are dedicated to realising aesthetic design solutions in a profitable way. Therefore, we recommend every architect and planner to contact us at an early service phase. In our capacity as staircase construction experts with long-standing experience, we can determine the perfect installation time during construction from an economic point of view while taking all relevant framework conditions into account. Whether the staircase is to be placed via the open roof, as a whole or in transportable sections – we will support you in working out the assembly times!

Determining the most efficient installation date
Icon Kostenschätzung

Cost estimate according to German standard DIN 276: To enable you to calculate the construction project as precisely as possible, we estimate the costs of the staircase in accordance with the German standard DIN 276, taking into account the existing information, for example initial descriptions, calculations and planning documents. If some details are not yet available, we make realistic assumptions for the greatest possible overview of the required material quantities and the expected costs.

Cost estimate
Service phase 3 + 4: Design and approval planning
Icon statische Vorbemessungen

Preliminary static measurements: Beside the creation of verifiable structural analyses for submission to the authorised structural engineer, we also supply you with preliminary static measurements that include all relevant verifications and detailed displays in a compact package for an easy and precise integration into the corresponding documents. Within the scope of your planning, we support you with static measurements enabling you to submit economical and reliable offers.

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Service phase 5 + 6: Execution and detail planning

Tender documents in GAEB format: The preparation of tender documents is a regular activity for architects and planners. We offer you maximum support with this job and freely provide you with project-related, individual tender texts in GAEB format for your offer calculations. Share your needs with us!

Request for individual tender texts