Treppenauge Wendeltreppe

Modern interior stairs

High quality stair design

Stairs serve as a design element of spatial shaping in outdoor or indoor areas. Stairs from MetallArt are also always an aesthetic experience.

Stairs Overview
Treppe Faltwerk Holz

Folded stairs captivate with their typical construction with folded steps and risers. Our representative staircase projects in private and public buildings show the visual appeal of folded stairs.

Wangentreppe bei Heraeus

In modern architecture, spiral staircases have become a design object. They are usually found in the foyers of representative buildings with a generous stair diameter and flight width. Beside their functionality it is, above all, the expressive stairs design which plays a major role.

Treppenstufen Holz Spindeltreppe

Newel stairs are manufactured with a central newel made of stainless steel. The step treads of newel stairs are fixed to this pillar. Because of low space requirements and their visual elegance newel stairs are mostly used as residential staircases for apartments covering two storeys.

Glas-Geländer gewendelt

Stringer stairs have always been considered as classic in stair construction, both for straight and curved constructions. Depending on the static requirements, flat steel or box stringers are used. Steel stringers are ideally suited for glass or rod railings.

Treppe Mittelhom mit Holzstufen

The supporting structure of central stringer stairs only consists of one stringer. Due to this construction central stringer stairs are always an impressing eye-catcher in residential rooms or modern stairways. Central stringer stairs perfectly match with any residential ambience and often appear like a sculptural design element.

Designtreppe auf Innovationscampus

Glass balustrades from MetallArt are extremely popular because they offer maximum transparency in line with the current trend. In order to be able to realize the wishes of the customers even better, MetallArt developed a glass railing with a General Building Inspectorate Test Certificate (AbP).

Designtreppe in edlem Weiss

Stairs with steel balustrade stringers have become absolutely trendy in modern architecture. Especially when it comes to curved stairs, they draw particular attention with remarkable rounded ground plan. However, straight stairs featuring steel balustrade stringers are equally exciting due to their impressive character.

Villa Köln Glasgeländer

Exclusive stairs capture attention not only with their extraordinary layouts, but also with their surface design. With liquid metal, which has all the properties of solid and massive metal, stairs are refined in an artistic way. Sculptural constructions get an absolutely unique character through the liquid metal finish.

Skulpturtreppe mit Laufbreitenwechsel nahe Innsbruck

Sculptural stairs define spaces and fascinate as accessible works of art. Manufactured to measure and with a complex design, they often appear self-supporting and in a central position in the building. Our portfolio includes a large number of distinctive individual objects that have already been awarded prestigious prizes several times.

Stairs in modern design
Modern stairs for every purpose

If you ask yourself the question “What are modern stairs?”, you will find out that stairs architecture is also subject to fashion trends. This has an effect on the way stairs are designed and constructed as well as on the selection of materials: Stairs with soffit lining, balustrade stringers, glass railings, glass steps…
Based on decades of experience in stairs construction, the design engineers of MetallArt have always succeeded in developing sophisticated technical solutions with creativity and commitment that satisfy requirements regarding both function and design.

Different shapes for modern stairs

  • Newel stairs stairs with a continuous newel of lacquer-finished steel or stainless steel.
  • Spiral stairs (also referred to as curved stairs), either circular, half-circular or elliptical, with or without a half-landing depending on the number of stairs and the degree of winding.
  • Straight-flight stairs – with or without a half-landing – convey the impression of a clear line in the room layout. Stairs with a half-landing allow a change of the flight direction. They are referred to as quarter-turn or half-turn stairs.

Various stairs structures

  • Single-stringer stairs with expressive shapes
  • Steel stringer stairs: flat steel stringers for filigree stairs structures, box-type stringers for generous staircase structures in prestigious entrance halls and foyers
  • Saw-tooth stringer stairs for young modern living.
  • Folded stairs
  • Cantilevered stairs for a futuristic style of architecture
  • Self-supported stairs

Material variety for modern stairs

  • Staircase structure made of steel combined with timber treads and/or handrail
  • Stainless steel stairs: the load-bearing structure as well as the railings are available in stainless steel
  • Glass stairs: staircase structure made of steel or stainless steel with glass treads and/or glass railing in modern stairs architecture
Economic manufacturing processes

The MetallArt design engineers naturally orient their designs towards the latest style trends. This requires state-of-the art manufacturing technologies as well. The technicians and architects in the design department have been using highly complex 3D-software for many years. A CNC laser system as well a CNC five-axes profile machining centre cut the steel, stainless steel or aluminium with millimetre precision and machine the stairs components.

The MetallArt design engineers have acquired comprehensive knowledge also about the use of glass materials in stairs construction. Particularly where glass railings are concerned, they can rely on a sophisticated assembly technology especially developed for this purpose.

Your project is in good hands at MetallArt. We are a “one-stop shop” offering all relevant services and workmanship, from expert advice through to the acceptance of the finished stairs.