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Central stringer stairs

Impressive eye-catcher

In most cases stringer stairs are constructed as central stringer stairs. However, constructions with an external supporting stringer are also possible.

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Central stringer stairs | Construction

Usually the supporting bar is made of round tube (steel or stainless steel). But also bar constructions made of rectangular tube or as triangular bar provide an impressive appearance.

No matter whether you prefer wood, stone or glass as step covering – center rail stairs are an optical eye-catcher in every combination and are suitable for all coverings. A successful contrast is created by constructions in which the strength of the stringer is highlighted with the lightness of glass. Light woods also form a perfect “partner” to the dominating steel bar.

Single stringer stairs

In the case of single stringer stairs, the supporting structure – as already defined in the name – consists of only one stringer. Due to this construction method they always present themselves as an impressive eye-catcher in the middle of living rooms or in modern staircases. Like a sculpture, single stringer staircases fit into every living scene as a design element. This appearance is especially characterized by a step construction, especially the setting steps.

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Staircase with central stringer
Central stringer stairs for different stair floor plans

Probably the most common use for central stringer stairs is for straight running floor plans in the interior. But also spiral and curved forms are suitable for this construction method. A spiral construction gives the imposing appearance even more expressiveness.