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Folded stairs

Stair construction from a folding unit

With this type of staircase, too, the excellent properties of the material steel can be used to advantage for filigree stair constructions.

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Staircase construction & design

Folded stairs impress with their characteristic design: as the name suggests, the construction consists of folded steps and risers and, as a consequence, the stairs receive their distinctive look.

Folded stairs for ambitious design solutions

According to static requirements the supporting structure of folded stairs can be made of a steel sheet showing a thickness of just 5-8 mm. The final coating can also consist of an equally filigree wooden cover. The bottom view of the folded stairs can be realized in different ways:

  • usually the bottom view of the folded steel construction is not cladded but lacquered to obtain an harmonious contrast to the upper wooden cover. The classical solution however is metallic grey or white; in any case the trend is towards light colours.
  • The bottom side of folded stairs can also be cladded with the same filigree wooden cover which is used for the upper side.
  • The ultimate trend however are folded stairs constructed with balustrade steel stringers and a closed and smooth underside cladding. The folded construction is only visible at the upper side of the staircase.

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Faltwerktreppen mit Glasgeländer
Folded stairs with glass railing
Steel & wood & glass for modern architecture

In order to retain the characteristic feature of a folding staircase, building owners and architects are increasingly opting for the use of a glass railing to provide fall protection for both internal staircases and staircases in the commercial sector. In addition, the transparent property of a glass railing is used in room situations with poor lighting conditions. The separate glass panes can be fixed directly to the folding construction with point holders. However, it is also possible to construct a frame on the side of the step-folding construction to accommodate the glass railing. Constructions in which the frame (stringboard of the staircase) is adapted to the shape of the folding mechanism have established themselves as a special highlight.

Folded stairs with steel railing or stainless steel railing

As an alternative to a glass railing, a folded staircase can also be constructed with a classic stair railing with posts made of steel or stainless steel, as well as horizontally running filler bars. Also with this stair railing the characteristic construction of the folded staircase should remain in the foreground. The railing should therefore be constructed as filigree as possible.

Shapes for folding stairs

Design stairs for every floor plan

If you speak of a folded staircase, then you think primarily of a construction from solid wood. In contrast, we use the static properties of steel in order to be able to construct the folded staircase from tread and riser as filigree as possible. These metal stairs are then covered with a step covering of solid wood. The following types of wood are particularly popular:

  • European oak
  • Oak limed
  • Oak dark stained

But also wood types such as walnut, ash or maple are among the favorites.

Compared to a folding staircase made of solid wood, stair constructions made of steel can also be made for round stairs, whereas a wooden staircase is usually only designed as a straight or spiral staircase.

Folded staircase as design stair

Sculptural stair construction

As an absolute fashion trend, folded staircases have developed, which are constructed with a steel balustrade and a closed smooth-surfaced soffit, so that only the upper view remains as folded staircase. Even if this type of staircase does not correspond to the characteristic design of a folding staircase, in which only the folding mechanism as such represents the staircase, this design staircase is also called folding staircase. In particular with a round staircase construction, this type of staircase is also called a sculpture staircase. As a special highlight, a so-called “light voute” for indirect staircase lighting can be constructed as the upper end of the parapet railing.

A folded staircase with steel balustrade can therefore also be classified in the category “stringer stairs”. Between the stringers the folding staircase is then welded in. Especially for round staircases with closed bottom view the stair constructors of MetallArt have acquired a comprehensive know-how.

With exclusivity and elegance MetallArt realizes individual demands on modern stair construction.