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Newel Staircases

Modern space miracle

Due to their small space consumption as well as their optical elegance newel staircases are mostly used as stairs for 2-storey living rooms.

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Newel stairs

Newel stairs are a particular type of spiral stairs. They are constructed with a central newel (a pillar made of steel or stainless steel) instead of a central stair well. The step treads of newel stairs are fixed to this pillar. Because of low space requirements and their visual elegance newel stairs are mostly used as residential staircases for apartments covering two storeys. Often they also lead to an integrated gallery. If an adequate flight width is considered, it is of course possible to construct a newel staircase as main stairs.

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Steel newel stairs
Newel Stairs | for an aesthetic living ambiance

The visual effect of newel stairs featuring a continious central pillar is extremely elegant. The connection to the unfinished floor is generally realised by a steel base plate which is fastened onto the lower end of the central pillar.

Beside the customary welded constructions there are further solutions presenting optical highlights: staircases with tread steps (supporting construction for the cladding) which are fixed at the newel by screwing or by clamping.