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Balustrade stringers

Impressive character

Stairs with steel balustrades stringers have become an absolute trend in modern architecture.

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Steel balustrade stringers

Balustrade railings with a round staircase floor plan leave a distinctive impression. The flight of stairs can be evenly rounded or elliptically shaped like a basket arch. However, straight stairs featuring steel balustrade stringers are equally exciting due to their impressive character.

Steel balustrade stringers as an element of design

The production of a staircase with steel balustrade stringers requires state-of-the-art technology but also longstanding know-how as well as a high level of craftsmanship. Starting with the planning by means of a complex 3D-Software we are able to offer our customers a project visualisation in advance. We also dispose of decades of experience concerning structural calculations, especially for self-supporting staircase constructions.

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Steel balustrades
Balustrade railing for sculpture stairs made of steel

Depending on whether an open construction method is chosen for the step construction or the construction of folding steps, which is closed with a smooth-surfaced steel soffit cladding, the sculptural character can be influenced even further – especially in the case of spiral staircases. In addition, the property of including the steel soffit cladding in the structural analysis is also used. With the help of structural analysis programs that allow calculation with “finite elements”, this has an influence on the material thickness that must be used.

Extravagant visual appearance for steel balustrades

As a further design measure, recesses can be laser-cut into the steel parapet railing.

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