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Stringer stairs

Stairs for a modern architecture

Cantilevered steel stringer stairs blend into the surroundings like a sculpture and convey the feeling of floating in space.

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Steel stringer stairs

For an increasing number of architects the planning of a staircase is not only subject to functional aspects. They are in fact designers aiming to stage the stairs.

Steel stringer stairs for modern architecture

There is no other material which is more suitable for the construction of stringer stairs than steel: raw and smooth at the same time. Due to its structural capacity the cross sections of the bearing stringers can be realized in gracile and filigree designs.

Stahlwangentreppe bei Boltze
Stair stringers made of steel
Steel stringer stairs in perfection

Steel stringers stairs have always been considered the classic in stair construction, both for straight and curved constructions – depending on the static requirements of flat steel or box stringers. The treads welded between the stringers can be constructed from flat steel, as trough steps or folded steps. Wooden tread coverings harmonize ideally with the steel supporting structures. The combination of steel with glass steps is also a suitable variation.

In addition, steel stringer stairs are suitable for using the box stringers as receptacles for glass railings. Also the stairs with parapet-high steel stringers, which correspond to the current architectural trend, belong to this category – you speak with this building method of steel stringer stairs also of balustrade stringer stairs.

A closed, smooth-surfaced soffit cladding is ultimately regarded as a design element of modern architecture and is welded in accordance with the shape between the stringers. Especially with curved steel stringers, this gives the staircase an almost sculptural character.

Architectural trend steel stringer stairs

In order to meet these demands on modern architecture, on the one hand, the know-how of experts is required, but on the other hand, a degree of engineering skill and craftsmanship is also necessary. Last but not least, these requirements can be realized by using a high-tech machinery. To ensure that all components of steel stringboard stairs fit together precisely, the data of the construction drawings are directly transferred to the in-house laser system and cut to size at MetallArt.